Land for Sale boom in Bundaberg

The land for sale boom in Bundaberg has been ongoing since city dwellers have found homes selling at half the price to what they can buy in capital cities.

The affordable land and home prices in Bundaberg have spiked the interest of house hunters across Australia. Purchasing a home at less than half of what can be bought in the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and Brisbane is the main reason for the land boom.

Another reason is properties selling in Bundaberg for less than a third from that of Canberra median and Sydney. Families longing to own their dream homes are attracted to the lifestyle and affordability offered by Bundaberg.

Reasons for living in Bundaberg

Locals and expats alike in Bundaberg feel that it’s a great place to live, invest, and raise a family. Some of the top iconic spots found only in Bundaberg include:

  • Ginger Beer
  • The Brewhouse
  • Bundaberg Rum Factory

Other than the tourist attractions Bundaberg offers, here are the things that count to make it one great place to live:

Beaches and relaxed lifestyle

The coastal communities of Bundaberg surrounded by wonderful beaches have attracted both tourists and locals.

Clean beautiful sands in the busy Bargara area to Elliot Heads’ clear waters are just some of the awesome scenery. Films and photography works have made these beaches subjects of their various works.

Fishing fans also get to enjoy adventures on the lovely beaches. The big beautiful beaches and the quietness of the place are heady combinations few can resist.

Family activities

Families are important hence the wonderful activities and events oriented for them. Weekend outings at the Botanic Gardens are just one of the great places for families. Some wonderful places such as the Fairymead House, Alexandra Park and Zoo, Cafe 1928 and more have entertainment especially geared for families.

Affordable living

Real estate is more affordable in Bundaberg than in other areas of Australia. Three and four bedroom houses are priced within everyone’s reach.

Land for sale in Bundaberg is cheaper than in other areas. While building a house costs almost the same anywhere in Australia, land price is a big difference.

In Bundaberg, blocks of land can be acquired for reasonable prices.



Bundaberg has plenty of schools suitable for every educational need. From high schools, university, child care centres, and primary schools, Bundaberg has it.

A variety of courses are offered from tourism, nursing, community services, and more.

Health Services

An abundance of health services is provided by Bundaberg to include two private hospitals, oral dentistry, one public hospital, and mental health services.

A variety of fitness groups, gyms, and sporting clubs provides different ways of staying fit and healthy.

Walking tracks, numerous free exercise parks, and two public swimming pools offer cheaper options for health maintenance.

Friendly community

Bundaberg has gained a reputation for being one of the most friendly regions in Australia. This kind of reputation has ultimately attracted people from other parts of the world to make Bundaberg their permanent home.

Bundaberg seems to have it all. A quiet, affordable, and friendly community with all the amenities seems to fit the bill for optimum lifestyle. Are you interested to live in the area as well?  We’re happy to help you find the right area suitable for all the needs of your family and you.