Caravan Awnings

Adding an awning to your caravan is the best way to get the most pleasure out of the great outdoors. An awning will also significantly increase your living space. Many different companies are selling high-quality awnings in all kinds of styles. When you are travelling about Australia and camping, it is essential to protect yourself and your family from the harsh Australian sun. An awning can provide you with a beautiful shady spot to sit and enjoy your surroundings. Depending on what kind of awning you are looking for, you can also add a privacy screen or annex walls. No matter what awning you choose, they are all easy to set up and can be done by one person. This helps in making it convenient for you to just set up the awning for the day you spend in one place or even set it up for an entire week of camping.

1. Two main types of caravan awnings

For installation, roll out awnings require two separate components. There is a hardware kit that attaches to the side of your caravan and the roller with fabric. For new installations, you’ll need a sail track that you can purchase at a hardware store. This kind of awning is preferable for inclement weather and is very sturdy. However, since the hardware has to be permanently mounted on the side of the caravan, there can be issues with the installation on 4 x 4s and campervans.

When stowed boxer awnings are enclosed in metal casings. They can be attached to roof racks on vehicles. They’re the best choice for a vehicle that has a curved wall profile and for camper trailers.

2. Best awnings for travellers

For those who frequently travel, the best kind of awning is a retractable one. This kind of awning can fold up into an RV vehicle with no problems. It all depends on the amount of room you have about the doors and windows of the vehicle. However, a retractable awning does solve the problem of having to remove it and put it back up every time you move from place to place. It is there, and you can use it whenever you stop to camp.

3. Awning fabrics

Two of the most common awning fabrics are acrylic and vinyl. The material of the awning is something to take into consideration when you’re purchasing it. You can clean an awning made of vinyl with soap and water, and only use water when cleaning an acrylic awning.

4. Size of awning

When choosing an awning, consider the size of your vehicle. An awning that is not of the proper size will not attach right and could block your doors and windows. If you are replacing an old awning, simply measure the awning you have. If you’re purchasing an awning for the first time, consider the amount of space you want it to cover. Let them know when you’re making a purchase what kind of vehicle you want to attach the awning to and the measurements of the space you would want the awning to cover.

5. Awning installation

Installing an awning is not a problem. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the awning. It installs quickly, and you’re ready to travel and set up for camping.

6.Power or manual awning

Deciding on power or manual awnings depends on your travelling style. If you prefer travelling to remote areas, you should consider a manual awning because there won’t be a power source. Power caravan awnings can also be opened manually, mostly for emergencies. Power awnings are an excellent option for people who often travel because it saves a lot of time and set up. Once your awning is in place, you can relax and enjoy your time in the great outdoors.