Are you a brand or business that would like to advertise your sponsorship with Launceston Cataract Challenge? We are inviting brands related to community health and environmental wellness to display their message with our subscribers.

Here at Launceston Cataract Challenge, we offer a variety of advertisement options. This includes the following:
Sponsorship button – 125 x 125

Our sponsorship button will appear on every live link on our site. The sponsorship button will be located beneath the heading of our sponsored brands. Due to limited space, we make the effort to give our advertisers equal amounts of exposure as we place all sponsorship buttons at random. Please bear in mind that all buttons must not reach over 15K as the only flash is allowed.

Premium Advertisement Sponsorship Button

Our premium advertisement sponsorship button is displayed along the top of our page. Keep in mind that all premium sponsorship buttons must not be any larger than 30k. However, we do accept Flash features.

Embedded Sponsorship Advertisement

Our embedded advertisement sponsorship buttons are displayed within each page link on our site. All embedded ads will be set in rotation and will appear often on our site. Please bear in mind that all embedded ads must not reach over 25k.

At Launceston Cataract Challenge, we offer advertisement options on a monthly basis. While our annual event is held during the month of March, we also provide a strong blog site where your advertisements will be displayed all year long.