About Us

Welcome to the Launceston Cataract Challenge!

The Launceston Cataract Challenge was designed to become a multiple sports event that promotes the benefits of healthy living in the community.

The Launceston Cataract Challenge was designed to build excitement throughout the community as this physical event consists of five various legs that will welcome a large range of individuals rather than a traditional multi-sport and triathlon event.

Each year, we hold our annual Launceston Cataract Challenge during the month of March. Due to the close proximity to the city, we believe that the Cataract Gorge makes the perfect place to set the event. The area provides a breathtaking scenery of natural beauty with a challenging terrain to set the stage as an exciting arena for our challenge participators.

The challenge is constantly moving as challengers will have to endure the rigorous course of various tracks, steep hills, and other challenging obstacles. The challenge offers many opportunities as the ropes course is open to everyone who is willing to join as the start of the challenge. Kayak competitors will also embark on a day entry with a short course of the briefing.

Are you up to the challenge? Feel free to contact us here at the Launceston Cataract Challenge today!