How to Build a Green Home according to Home Builders Hervey Bay

Are you looking for home builders in Hervey bay to design a green home? For someone who doesn’t know what a green home is, it’s a particular kind of home designed to be more environmentally friendly. Green homes make use of the principle of conservation like saving water, energy and using sustainable materials to design the home.


Building an environment friendly home

Building a en energy efficient home not only benefits the environment but the home owner as well. Quite a few people request home builders in Hervey bay to design a green building. Your home owner can use all of the following ideas to build an energy efficient home.


They would use good quality doors and windows designed from natural materials

These days windows which are energy certified are used to make homes energy efficient. These allow the area inside the house to remain insulated and the cooling or heating stays within the house. The windows and doors are properly sealed off with no gaps. This allows the cooling or heating to stay inside instead of escaping outside increasing electricity bills. This also doesn’t put a great deal of pressure on the heating and cooling systems.


Invest in an efficient duct system

An efficiently installed duct system can save a great deal of power. It is said that more than 20% of the energy is lost due to faulty duct installation. A home builder ensure that they hire the right contractors to help install an efficient duct system.

Home builders in Hervey Bay advise building vertically instead of horizontally

The largest cot which one incurs when building a home are due to its foundation and roof. A ranch style home which has the same amount of space when compared to a two story home, actually costs more. One can save money by building multiple stories. This can reduce energy consumption by reducing the plumbing and duct runs. What’s more a multi-story home has a higher surface area to volume ratio, meaning less of an area exposed to the heat or the cold outside. This means fewer utility bill as well.


Home builders can make use of low cost and renewable materials

Materials can quickly add up to the cost of a home. There are low cost options which your builder might ask you to consider. These include materials like linoleum for your kitchens and bathrooms. Making use of local goods can help cut down the costs as well. Locally sourced wood and building material tends to be less expensive.


Choose a simple lay out

A simple floor plan is much easier to build. It also makes use of less material when compared to a complex structured home. Clean roof lines provide a minimalistic appeal which looks great and also serve a better purpose.


Use solar panels

Solar panels can quickly help reduce the electricity bills. It’s an environment friendly option. Speak to your builder about making your roof solar friendly.


Last but not the least don’t forget to use energy efficient appliances and fixtures

For more information on building a green home contact Hervey Bays leading home builder.