Everything you want to know about transportable homes in WA

Factory-built homes are also known as transportable homes. The materials used for building this type of home include vinyl weatherboard, wood or steel. The use of these hardy materials is to ensure that the home does not get damaged when it is moved.

Transportable homes WA are partly assembled but are not made of bricks or concrete. Transportable homes are aptly named for they can be moved to different locations as the need arises.

Job relocation to a new place becomes easy and hassle-free when you own a transportable home. All you need to do is to bring it along with you and install it to your new location.

Why choose Transportable Homes

Mobile homes and transportable homes are not the same. Transportable homes have utility connections, making them a type of permanent home. Portable models of transportable homes are also available and they are usually assembled on leased lands.

Owning a transportable home built on leased land enables you to move the home to a new location is need be. Some of the names given to transportable homes include relocatable, modular or prefabricated houses.

Choosing a double-wide type of transportable home means it cannot be transported separately. The single wide type is the model that can be transported piece by piece.

These two options allow you to customise your transportable home per need and preference. Relocating to a new place is easy, stress-free, and less expensive when you can carry your home with you.

Advantages provided by Transportable Homes

  • Sturdy and hardy materials are used for building transportable homes to withstand the rigours of relocating to new locations. They are also better constructed to handle movement and wind. The sturdiness of transportable homes has proven to outlast even standard homes. Before they are delivered to a client’s location, transportable homes are checked and tested for sturdiness and hardiness.
  • Transportable homes require very little energy to assemble, making them eco-friendly types of home. The carbon footprint is lessened with the assembling of this kind of homes. Eliminating the need for building another home during relocation is another eco-friendly benefit provided by transportable homes.
  • A standard home will be next to impossible to move to a new location. Transportable homes, on the other hand, provide the benefit of enjoying your old home in a new location.
  • Customising your transportable home is possible. You are given varied options concerning materials, style, and colours. You can choose your preferred material for your walls, floors, and roofs. You also have the option when it comes to the colours used for roofs, walls, and floors. The choices provided from materials to paints are eco-friendly and safe for you and your family as well.
  • It takes a little time and effort to assemble transportable homes. Depending on your schedule, the home can be assembled within 24 hours or take as long as 3 months. However long it takes to assemble the home, it will still be the quickest home building compared to standard home building.

The takeaway

Everything to know about a home, from materials to paint used, is with transportable homes. Buying an old home also means being saddled with problems such as termites, rot, and mould. Australia Wide Transportable Homes are in WA. They can meet your requirements and specifications for a transportable home.