What you should know before stone wall cladding

Stone wall cladding serves many purposes. One of the main reasons it is used to improve the aesthetic appeal of the walls in your home. It is also used as a means of giving a protective cover to the exterior of the walls. Not only does it look trendy but is functional as well.

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider a stone wall cladding for your homes;

Stone wall cladding gives your walls a natural look and feel

Stones have been marked over the years. This can be seen in the natural feeding of colors and the impressions of fossils in grain patterns found on the stones. Each stone piece is unique from the other. The colors of the stone that you choose for the wall cladding would enhance the look of your interior or your outdoor space. There are many varieties to choose from. You can set a cool and even tone by using light grey colored or beige colored stones. However if you fever the dark and edgy look, I want to take a look at the darker shades of brown, rust and black.

Stone wall is an aesthetic improvement that increases the value of your home

Stones have a natural durability and the ability to withstand all kind of weather conditions. When you use stone cladding for the walls it tends to enhance the beauty of the space as well as offer a protective layer to the walls. Since it looks good and also serves a functional purpose as well it’s no wonder that it can increase the value of your property. If you are considering selling your house in the near future, should definitely consider stone wall cladding as a home improvement plan.

Stone wall cladding offers insulation to your home

Stone walls weather all kinds of extremities. In fact it offers protection from the heat for the cold. The stone cladding wall x as a barrier or in other words it helps keeps your home insulated. During the warm weather when you switch on the air conditioner, it keeps the cool air inside. Similarly when it’s too cold outside it would prevent the heat from escaping from the inside of your home.

It is low maintenance

Another reason to consider stone wall cladding is its durability and longevity. Since it’s pretty much sturdy, it is quiet weather resistant and is not prone to stains or breakage. It is very rare to see a stone cladded suffering the effects of the weather. Like any other exterior home improvement like a paint or the use of an emulsion which might require proper upkeep and maintenance, stone cladded walls require very little maintenance. It is simple and easy to clean. You just need a mixture of soap or detergent emulsified with water and soon you would see the walls looking as good as new.

Make sure you talk to your interior designer and stone cladding suppliers today to know more about stone wall cladding.

Emergency Electrician Canberra: How to deal with an electrical emergency

Normally all of us take electricity or granted. It seldom happens that we ever think about electrical repairs and wiring until and unless we are faced with a certain electrical emergency. It could be that one of your appliances started acting funny or you may suspect the circuit going crazy. In any case you normally hire emergency electricians in Canberra. However, the following is a simple guide to help you understand all about electrical emergencies and the right way of handling those emergencies.

What could cause an electrical shock?

Electrical shocks can occur due to a variety of reasons. These could include all of the following:

  • Old appliances or faulty ones increase the risk of getting a shock. If you believe there is something wrong with your appliances have them repaired or replaced immediately.
  • Cords which have become damaged need replacing too
  • Electrical shocks are also a common reason if the wiring has become faulty
  • If the electrical appliances are placed anywhere near a water source, these need to be removed from there as soon as possible.

If you believe that any of the above could be faulty, make sure you get thee checked by emergency electrical contractors in Canberra.

Always be aware

Make sure you have written down all the emergency numbers and listings. You should be aware of who you should contact in case of an electrical emergency. Make sure you also have fire extinguishing supplies at hand.

  • All emergency contact numbers should be displayed clearly. These should be placed in a place which is highly visible.
  • The fire extinguishers should be checked and placed in a place where these are easy to reach.

In case of an emergency you shouldn’t be frightened. Being frightened can increase the panic and leave the people around you feeling fearful as well. It is better to be quick and call the emergency number which is displayed in front of you. If someone has received an electric shock, you would need to call the medical staff as well. Also it is better to leave the premises with your loved ones. Your first priority should be their safety.

In case a person gets a shock because of the power line, refrain from touching the wire and the personas well. Doing so might cause a shock to you as well. Turn off the power source in your home as soon as possible. It is very important that you know where the power source or box is located.

In case the shock is caused by an appliance, switch off the appliance and try to wrap the person who received the shock in a warm blanket. Call emergency services for medical help. If there are flames due to the short circuit, make sure you douse it off using a fire extinguisher. Keep in mind tat an extinguisher is only useful for small fires. If you find the fire getting out of control, run out of the place along with your loved ones and then call for help.

Keeping these things in mind would help you deal with an electrical emergency.

How to Build a Green Home according to Home Builders Hervey Bay

Are you looking for home builders in Hervey bay to design a green home? For someone who doesn’t know what a green home is, it’s a particular kind of home designed to be more environmentally friendly. Green homes make use of the principle of conservation like saving water, energy and using sustainable materials to design the home.


Building an environment friendly home

Building a en energy efficient home not only benefits the environment but the home owner as well. Quite a few people request home builders in Hervey bay to design a green building. Your home owner can use all of the following ideas to build an energy efficient home.


They would use good quality doors and windows designed from natural materials

These days windows which are energy certified are used to make homes energy efficient. These allow the area inside the house to remain insulated and the cooling or heating stays within the house. The windows and doors are properly sealed off with no gaps. This allows the cooling or heating to stay inside instead of escaping outside increasing electricity bills. This also doesn’t put a great deal of pressure on the heating and cooling systems.


Invest in an efficient duct system

An efficiently installed duct system can save a great deal of power. It is said that more than 20% of the energy is lost due to faulty duct installation. A home builder ensure that they hire the right contractors to help install an efficient duct system.

Home builders in Hervey Bay advise building vertically instead of horizontally

The largest cot which one incurs when building a home are due to its foundation and roof. A ranch style home which has the same amount of space when compared to a two story home, actually costs more. One can save money by building multiple stories. This can reduce energy consumption by reducing the plumbing and duct runs. What’s more a multi-story home has a higher surface area to volume ratio, meaning less of an area exposed to the heat or the cold outside. This means fewer utility bill as well.


Home builders can make use of low cost and renewable materials

Materials can quickly add up to the cost of a home. There are low cost options which your builder might ask you to consider. These include materials like linoleum for your kitchens and bathrooms. Making use of local goods can help cut down the costs as well. Locally sourced wood and building material tends to be less expensive.


Choose a simple lay out

A simple floor plan is much easier to build. It also makes use of less material when compared to a complex structured home. Clean roof lines provide a minimalistic appeal which looks great and also serve a better purpose.


Use solar panels

Solar panels can quickly help reduce the electricity bills. It’s an environment friendly option. Speak to your builder about making your roof solar friendly.


Last but not the least don’t forget to use energy efficient appliances and fixtures

For more information on building a green home contact Hervey Bays leading home builder.

Land for Sale boom in Bundaberg

The land for sale boom in Bundaberg has been ongoing since city dwellers have found homes selling at half the price to what they can buy in capital cities.

The affordable land and home prices in Bundaberg have spiked the interest of house hunters across Australia. Purchasing a home at less than half of what can be bought in the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and Brisbane is the main reason for the land boom.

Another reason is properties selling in Bundaberg for less than a third from that of Canberra median and Sydney. Families longing to own their dream homes are attracted to the lifestyle and affordability offered by Bundaberg.

Reasons for living in Bundaberg

Locals and expats alike in Bundaberg feel that it’s a great place to live, invest, and raise a family. Some of the top iconic spots found only in Bundaberg include:

  • Ginger Beer
  • The Brewhouse
  • Bundaberg Rum Factory

Other than the tourist attractions Bundaberg offers, here are the things that count to make it one great place to live:

Beaches and relaxed lifestyle

The coastal communities of Bundaberg surrounded by wonderful beaches have attracted both tourists and locals.

Clean beautiful sands in the busy Bargara area to Elliot Heads’ clear waters are just some of the awesome scenery. Films and photography works have made these beaches subjects of their various works.

Fishing fans also get to enjoy adventures on the lovely beaches. The big beautiful beaches and the quietness of the place are heady combinations few can resist.

Family activities

Families are important hence the wonderful activities and events oriented for them. Weekend outings at the Botanic Gardens are just one of the great places for families. Some wonderful places such as the Fairymead House, Alexandra Park and Zoo, Cafe 1928 and more have entertainment especially geared for families.

Affordable living

Real estate is more affordable in Bundaberg than in other areas of Australia. Three and four bedroom houses are priced within everyone’s reach.

Land for sale in Bundaberg is cheaper than in other areas. While building a house costs almost the same anywhere in Australia, land price is a big difference.

In Bundaberg, blocks of land can be acquired for reasonable prices.



Bundaberg has plenty of schools suitable for every educational need. From high schools, university, child care centres, and primary schools, Bundaberg has it.

A variety of courses are offered from tourism, nursing, community services, and more.

Health Services

An abundance of health services is provided by Bundaberg to include two private hospitals, oral dentistry, one public hospital, and mental health services.

A variety of fitness groups, gyms, and sporting clubs provides different ways of staying fit and healthy.

Walking tracks, numerous free exercise parks, and two public swimming pools offer cheaper options for health maintenance.

Friendly community

Bundaberg has gained a reputation for being one of the most friendly regions in Australia. This kind of reputation has ultimately attracted people from other parts of the world to make Bundaberg their permanent home.

Bundaberg seems to have it all. A quiet, affordable, and friendly community with all the amenities seems to fit the bill for optimum lifestyle. Are you interested to live in the area as well?  We’re happy to help you find the right area suitable for all the needs of your family and you.