Proper way to maintain air conditioning in Toowoomba

Regular maintenance is essential for an air conditioners coils, fins and filters for it to work efficiently throughout its time of use. If necessary maintenance of the air conditioner is not taken care of, it may decline in air conditioning while it keeps on using energy progressively. The following steps will help improve the cooling of your air conditioner.


Cleaning the filters on a regular basis

In order to make sure that your air conditioner remains in perfect working order u have to care about its cleanliness of filters. This is because filters tend to get clogged and dirty. As a result its starts hindering the air flow and affects the cooling. Filters which are not clean allow dirt to adhere to the evaporator coil. This reduces its heat absorbing ability. Simply cleaning a dirty filter can improve energy consumption by 15%.

It should be kept in mind that there are some filters which can be reused while others might need to be replaced. It is important to clean the filters every 2 or 3 months especially during the season it’s used on a daily basis.


Cleaning the air conditioner coils

According to the experts at air conditioning Toowoomba people often forego cleaning the air conditioner coils. Despite the fact that you clean the filters on a regular basis the coil can still collect dirt. The dirt insulates the coil thereby reducing its efficiency. In order to avoid this problem the coil needs to be cleaned on a yearly basis.

If your air conditioning unit has outdoor coils it might get even dirtier. You would need to remove all the dirt and debris. The area around the coil should be cleaned properly. There should be no obstruction at least 2 feet near the condenser.


Cleaning the condenser drains

It is common for drains to become clogged over a period of time. As a result it might cause the unit to leak water inside the room. This moisture starts to discolor the walls and the carpet. Simply passing a stiff wire through the drain can get rid of the debris which is clogging it.


Other things to keep in mind

  • Before u start using the air conditioner always make sure to inspect the seal between the cooling unit and its window unit. A damaged screen would allow the air to escape outside.
  • Even in seasons when the unit is not in use its necessary to carry out the proper maintenance. If possible cover the outside unit from debris by placing an old cloth on top of it.


Hiring professionals from air conditioning Toowoomba

Sometimes the air conditioner might need little more than regular maintenance. In this case hiring a professional is a good idea. The right technician will be able to carry out proper checks. This way u can be assured that your cooling unit is in safe hands. They would test for any leaks and check the airflow. Plus they would also take the necessary measures to repair it.











Carpet Cleaners Hervey Bay-Maintaining your carpet the proper way

Are you looking for carpet cleaners in Hervey bay? Chances are, you must have already asked around. Finding the right carpet cleaner is necessary if you want to make sure that your carpets keeps looking fresh and new year after year.

While regular cleaning is usually only necessary every six months or so, even less if the carpet isn’t used much. There are certain things which you should do to maintain the carpet properly. The following advice from carpet cleaners in Hervey bay would help you maintain your carpet in the best possible way:


Easy ways to maintain your carpet

For most home owners a plush carpet is their most prized possession. Carpets come in a variety of designs and made from different materials. Carpets are an expensive item. Proper maintenance can ensure that the carpet remains looking new. Some ways in which you can maintain your carpet include:

  • It’s best to avoid carpeting a high traffic area. An area which is constantly in use should have an open floor which is easy to clean and maintain. Keep in mind that the fabric of a carpet is fine and could get stained easily. Imagine the kids or the pets having their way n the carpet. There are bound to be spills. All this can be avoided if you don’t carpet a high traffic floor. Instead reserve the carpet for rooms which aren’t in use all the time. You can carpet your living room which you don’t use on a regular basis. This way there are no dents on the carpet.
  • Avoid wearing shoes on the carpets. While you may not exactly be comfortable telling the guests to remove their shoes, you can do the same and hope that they follow suit. Occasional dirt is alright. You can try to vacuum the carpet if it looks dirty. But too much traffic can damage the fiber. On the other hand keeping a shoe rack just outside the rooms is a great way of reminding people to take off their shoes.
  • Make sure you remember to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. This can help maintain the carpet and increase its longevity. Despite the fact that you don’t wear shoes on the carpet, vacuuming helps get rid of the dust which settles into the fiber. Dirt can also give the carpet a dull look. This can somehow make it look dirty and old. So make sure you clean the carpet on a regular basis.
  • Also make sure that when any spots or stains appear on the carpet, remove them as quickly as possible. It’s advisable to blot out the stain instead of rubbing it. Rubbing the stain would engrave it deeper into the carpet. One simple trick is to treat the stain using a carpet cleaner. Use a fine cloth to blot out the stain and place a warmed iron on top of it. You would immediately notice the stain being lifted onto the cloth.

Keeping the above mentioned tips from carpet cleaners in Hervey bay would ensure that your carpet looks great in between professional cleanings.